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About Us

Teter Automotive was formed in 1960 by Larry Teter a drag racing icon. Teter Automotive specializes in building High performance engines. We have over 50 years of experience in the automotive performance industry. Teter Automotive does all machine work and engine assembly in house. Using only the best and highest quality equipment on the market today. All engines come standard with a 1 year 12,000 mile warranty after being serviced. Regardless of the horsepower output. Find that anywhere else? We love what we do and will only produce the highest quality of of engines otherwise it does not leave are shop until we deliver the highest quality we can possibly produce. Power and reliability. That's our goal for every engine we build - to squeeze the maximum available power out of an engine while maintaining the highest level of reliability.


About Larry Teter

Chicago Tribune

Lawrence Edward Teter, 71
Top drag racer, daredevil at heart
July 31, 2004|By Stefanie Dell'Aringa, Special to the Tribune.

For drag-racing enthusiasts old enough to remember, Larry Teter was a champion. At the wheel of a 1932 Ford Victoria known as "The Vicky," he roared past the finish line, winning the National Hot Rod Association's 1961 and 1962 C/Gas Class Nationals.

Though Mr.Teter was not one to boast, his home was filled with hundreds of trophies from drag-racing competitions across the nation.

"It's neat to hear the stories of all the different races and the impact he had on people," said his daughter Tracy. "To me, as a kid, I had no clue how famous he was."

Lawrence Edward Teter, 71, who was born in Melrose Park, died of cancer on Thursday, July 1 in his home in Holly Springs, Miss., near Memphis.

He enlisted in the Korean War as a Navy mechanic. In 1954 he moved to Elgin and, three years later, married Ruth Lloyd. They divorced in 1979. He and his second wife, Peggy, wed in 1984 and moved to Holly Springs in 1996.

Mr. Teter was a high-performance engine specialist who owned and operated Teter Automotive Inc. for 20 years. After that, he owned and operated an auto marine engines business, retiring eight years ago.

Over the years he worked on various specialty racecars and twin engines for cigarette boats. He was paid appearance fees several times to race against other NHRA champions.

"I remember Larry as a great competitor," said NHRA champion H. G. "Pork" Zartman who competed against him in the '60s. "His car at the time was not only a great running car, but beautiful as well. It was burgundy in color, Chevy-powered and shifted by a four-speed."

Zartman considers Mr. Teter to be a drag-racing legend.

Mr. Teter, a perfectionist and role model, passed down his business know-how to family and friends. His daughter Tracy owns and operates two businesses. Former employee Les Jones opened his own automotive shop after several years under his tutelage.

"I learned an unbelievable amount of things from him," said Jones, adding that Mr. Teter never lost his temper. "His personal demeanor was very helpful in that regard."

A daredevil at heart, Mr. Teter enjoyed riding dirt bikes and snowmobiles, and belonged to the Cold Ducks Snowmobile Club in Elgin. He also belonged to the Elgin Elks Club and the Elgin Torquers, a hot rod club.

Engine Diagnostic and Repair

 Our engine diagnosis and repairs consists of a full teardown followed by a meticulous cleaning and inspection. Any unforeseen internal problems are brought to the customer's attention, along with repair/replacement options. At this point we know exactly what we are starting with allowing us to address any problems before the rebuild and repairs start.


  We start by looking at the crankshaft. The crankshaft will get polished with all bearing clearances measured and adjusted. The rods get measured and checked for out of roundness. We use a new set of forged pistons for every build. All rings get checked and adjusted for the proper gap. The cylinders get measured, bored and honed to specs we have used in winning race cars as well as daily drivers. The crankshaft is installed with blueprinted bearings.


  The cylinder head gets a full teardown and inspection. We install new valve seals on every build and new valve guides if needed. The cylinder head is checked for straightness and the cam journals are checked for scores. The cylinder head is reassembled with new OEM valve springs or aftermarket units if the customer requests it. We will keep the customer updated as we go though the rebuild process. When the engine is complete and picked up by the customer. It will come with a standard warranty of 1 year and 12,000 miles.  

Custom Engine Builds 

Power and reliability. That's our goal for every engine we build - to squeeze the maximum available power out of an engine while maintaining the highest level of reliability.

A simple idea?  Sure.  Simple to do? Absolutely not.

It takes knowledge, experience, the proper equipment, years of R&D, and meticulous attention to detail. You want a 400WHP EJ25 that can survive hundreds of 1/4 mile launches at 8,000 RPM? We've done it. You need a 500+ WHP daily driver? We've done it. Or a 1000+ WHP LS We've done it. Here at Teter Automotive we love to work with you and will help you stay within your budget desires. We take pride in our engines builds and guarantee only the highest quality of work here. Every engine is thoroughly inspected and blueprinted before shipping out to our customers. Every engine will come standard with a 12,000 mile 1 year warranty regardless of the power output on every engine. Please let me know if you find that deal anywhere else. Anything you want to build you got it. Anything from a daily driver to a track monster you got it. Give us a call and we will get you started on your engine build today. 

Machine Work 

You need machine work? Cylinders heads resurfaced? valve jobs? Line hone? ​

Bore and honing on your block? We can help you out. Here at Teter Automotive we work with multiple machine shops that use only the best and newest machines out in the industry today. Give us a call and we will help you out with only the highest quality of machine work around. Below are some of the machine work services we can help you get. Let us know if your desired machine services are not listed below. We will get you taken care of on that as well. Just give us a call at 1-(630)-862-0617.

  • Closed deck conversion on Subaru blocks

  • Line hone and bore

  • Thermo clean block

  • Bore / hone to your specs

  • Check crankshaft for straightness

  • Grind crankshaft if necessary

  • Clean and micro polish crankshaft

  • Rebuild rods to factory specs

  • Press rods & pistons

  • Hone lifter bores

  • Disassemble & clean heads

  • Pressure check cylinder heads for cracks

  • Surface heads

  • Surface engine block

  • Standard valve grind

  • Degrease all disassembled parts

  • Remove and Install cam bearings

  • Final clean block for assembly

  • Remove and Install oil plugs

  • Remove and Install freeze plugs

A One-Stop Shop for Automotive Enthusiasts

On top of building performance engine if you desire any parts for your project car. Well you came to the right place. You need fuel system components? We can get it? Need forged engine internals? We can get it. Need a turbo kit? We can get it. Teter Automotive has one of the worlds largest access to aftermarket performance parts. Not listed on our website? No problem give us a call (630)-862-0617 and we will find it for you. 

Best prices and the largest inventory on the market today.

Tested & proven before any product lands on our shelves, it's thoroughly tested

Customer service available 24/7

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