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Brand New OEM EJ257 Case Halves
OEM EJ257 Cases 
King Main and Rod Bearings
Brand New STI Nitride crankshaft
Manley H Tuff Rods With ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
Manley Forged Pistons 8:5.1
STD 11mm Head Studs
ARP 2000 Head Studs
Teter-BILT Bravo:
Heads - Brand New Subaru OEM WRX STI Cylinder Head Castings
Intake Valves - GSC 36mm Intake Valves
Exhaust Valves - GSC 32mm SuperAlloy Exhaust Valves
Springs / Retainers - GSC  Valve Springs & Retainers
Valve Seals - GSC Valve Stem Seals
Lifters - OEM Lifter Buckets
Camshafts - GSC Stage 1 
Multi-Angle Valve Job
Machined Cam Lobe Clearance


Teter-BILT Bravo Long Block

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